Other Blog Pieces I Wrote

PolicyMic piece about Google ditching the brain teasers in HR: Google Admits Asking Job Applicants Impossible Brainteasers was Ego-Stroking “Waste of Time”

PolicyMic Piece on Feminist Blogger attacked over criticism of E3 Games: XBox One Release: Why Does XBox One Have Zero Games with Female Protagonists?

My first piece as a contributing blogger for PolicyMic: Chelsey Ramer: Teen Fined $1,000 For Wearing Feather in Graduation Cap

Here is a piece I did for ABC News online health section to honor International Rare Disease Day Check it out here! Living With Epidermolysis Bullosa: Rare but Not Alone.

This is my first ever blog piece to kick off the Duke Disability Alliance blog. It was Duke University’s first and only student organization for disabled students that I founded with the help of my friends. Accessibility and Why it Matters.

A Piece ABC did for EB awareness in conjunction with International Rare Disease Day.


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